Are You Experiencing This Most Overlooked Mineral Deficiency?

Which Magnesium is right for Me?

Magnesium is one of the those minerals we all need a top up with at times, an essential mineral that your body uses in over 300 ways, including helping you to cope better with stress, tension and general well-being. Many people are magnesium deficient and our diet is often low in food rich in Magnesium. Combined with this, the body resources of magnesium can quickly and easily be depleted from dehydration, intense prolonged stress, exercise, poor circulation, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, salt intake and some medications.

• For tight, tense, cramp, sore muscles or restless legs
• To assist with recovery from sport and exercise
• To help with better management of stress, emotional tension, irritability,
fatigue and insomnia
• May help manage a regular heart beat and healthy blood pressure
• May help with PMS, mood balance and improved concentration
• An essential mineral for nerve function and bone health

Magnesium Capsules:

Magnesium-60sMineral compound with Magnesium phosphate and potassium phosphate this is a general formula that will assist the body tension, cramps and help with recovery from muscle over use. Developed for quick absorption and assimilation for when you need it the most.

These capsules can be broken open and powder sprinkled on food or in drinks and smoothies for those who do not like to swallow capsules or tablets. However, for those who are on low potassium diets or taking medication that changes your body’s stores potassium (such as some high blood pressure medication) this Magnesium supplement because it has potassium, may not be the best form for you.

Dose : 1 to 4 capsules per day
Contains: 75mg Magnesium

Magnesium Forte Tablets:

Maggesssyy-150x150 A Magnesium Complex that provides high-strength tablet with four sources of magnesium plus cofactors such as vitamin B6, vitamin D3, and selenium for enhanced absorption and utilization. An Ideal for choice those who need to restrict their potassium intake or want to take long lasting magnesium.

Dose: 1 to 2 tablets per day
Contains: 160mg Magnesium

Magnesium Floradix

rs_0000_Flo-Mineral Combining Magnesium citrate and gluconate with apricot, Mango, spinach, pear,pineapple, fennel, carrot bitter orange and chamomile makes this a delicious tropical fruit flavoured Magnesium liquid tonic, ideal for all ages who dislike taking tablets.

Free from artificial preservative, gluten, colours, alcohol and artificial sweeteners this is the natural choice for many parents who want to give their children a magnesium supplement.

This tonic can be mixed with water or fruit juice or taken straight.

Contains: 250mg magnesium per 20 ml dose.

Zinc B6 and Magnesium


Red Seal’s Zinc B6 and Magnesium tablets supplies the body with two essential minerals that are often inadequate in the average New Zealand diet. Both minerals are essential for a well function body with Magnesium involvement in 300 different processes in the body, while Zinc comes in second with 200. The addition of vitamin B6 further increases the absorption and utilization of both zinc and magnesium.

Unfortunately, zinc and magnesium deficiencies are common, and physical activity can increase the need for these important minerals. However, the sad news is New Zealand soil is often deficient in zinc. Numerous studies show that exercise and stress result in significant losses of both zinc and magnesium.Zinc required throughout our life time as it supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence, and helps sperm develop and is needed for ovulation and fertilization.

Common signs that you are depleted of zinc is white spots on the finger nails,stretch marks, low immunity, poor sense of taste and smell.

Dose : 1-2 tablets per day
Contains: 30mg Magnesium per tablet