Blackstrap Molasses Authenticity Clarification

Blackstrap Molasses

Recently Red Seal’s Molasses product has undergone some changes that may have caused some confusion for our customers with regard to authenticity.

4 things in particular have changed:

1.) The bottle
2.) The Molasses
3.) The label
4.) The batch code format

We would like to address each one

1.) The bottle:  Red Seal manufacture a shorter 500g bottle of Blackstrap Molasses, we also have a slightly taller 500g bottle.

Red Seal Molasses is extremely popular both in New Zealand and internationally.  The product is so popular that sometimes we have struggled to have consistent supply of the same bottle.  Unfortunately, this has meant that we have had to change the bottle several times to ensure we can keep supply of the Molasses to our valued customers.

Currently, there are 3 bottles in the market and soon there will be a 4th bottle.  There is 1 shorter bottle and there are 2 taller bottles (soon to be 3).  The 3 taller bottles are all very similar in size and shape, however they do vary slightly.  We have shown a picture of the three current bottles here.


Recently we found steady supply of a bottle and will be introducing this soon.  Our aim over the next 3 – 6 months, is to ensure that we transition to only this bottle.

2.) The Molasses:  Our current Molasses product is extremely high quality however we recently decided we wanted to make some improvements.  In the last 3 months we have moved to a single origin molasses from the pristine water catchments of Queensland, Australia.

At the moment it is likely you will find both types of Molasses on the market.  Again, in the next 3 – 6 months our aim is to ensure that we only have this new single origin Molasses in the new bottle on the market.

3.) The label:  When we changed Molasses type we decided to change the label.  This means that on the market you will currently see two types of label.   These two labels can be seen here.

Batch code

4.) The batch code format: On these two different labels you will also find a different batch code format which can be seen in the image of the back of pack.

We sincerely apologise for the confusion that has been caused.  Unfortunately, the demand for this product has meant that these changes have been necessary.

If you would like to check if your product is authentic please put the batch code from your jar into the below field.  This links to our internal system and will tell you if your product is authentic.

For the batch code refer to the back of your pack. You will see a field at the top, above the nutritional information. There are two styles of batch code currently on the market. One is a simple number the other is a date. Depending on which batch code format you have please input the fields in red:


Blackstrap Molasses Batch code number:  

If you have further queries please comment below, contact us on our Facebook page or call 0800 733 732.

Thank you

Red Seal