How to Fight the Holiday Fatigue

Christmas is the most joyous time of year. It’s magical and filled with fun. It’s also the most draining. Long hours at the office and days spent bargain hunting for the perfect gifts take their toll, turning a relaxing time spent with loved ones into the complete opposite. The result of this holiday season stress is sleep deprivation.

The effects of sleep deprivation.


Although tiredness seems like an obvious sign, it’s not the only one. A lot of the things people associate with Christmas day are also actually signs that you need a good night’s rest:
One of these is a lower threshold for stress. Your everyday routines will start to seem impossible and simple decisions become hair grabbing brain-benders.
To make this worse, you’ll also have a hard time remembering things. Sleep gets the different parts of your brain connecting with each other, but when you take that away, things can get jumbled up and lost.
You’ll also struggle to be cheery and social. Chatting with the family becomes a chore, and the little energy you’ve got starts to seem like a waste when you use it for interesting conversations. Simply put, you’ll become a bit cranky.
On top of all of that, you may start gaining a little weight. To keep your energy up, you’ll be eating more, and more often to make up for what a good night’s rest could do.

How can Red Seal help?

If all this sounds a bit scary, take a deep breath. Red Seal has a some products to help you get all the support for sleep you need for the silly season.

magnesiumMagnesium Forte
This wonder supplement can help with everything from the fatigue of an all-day shopping trip to holiday-induced sleep deprivation. 1-2 tablets daily on an empty stomach may be all the support you need to have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

chamomileChamomile Tea
This tasty tea uses chamomile flowers to reduce stress. It goes great with a spoon of honey and is safe for people of all ages, even the kids.

dreamsSweet Dreams Tea
This is exactly what it says on the box – a herbal tea that’s caffeine free, meaning you can relax and drift off into a deep sleep more easily. Just leave it to it draw for up to five minutes and enjoy.