Iron Deficiency and Anaemia are not the same….but iron deficiency can lead to anaemia.

Julie Fergusson NaturopathThere are three stages of iron deficiency. First the bodys’ iron stores (serum ferritin) begin to drop. Next, red blood cells decrease in size and colour. After that, haemoglobin, the last marker to show a decrease in iron levels. Iron store need to be almost completely depleted before anaemia (a lower red blood cell count) is apparent in a simple blood test. So iron deficiency can be diagnosed in early stages and put in check. If discovered later the symptoms of anaemia are more intense and will take a while to resolve.

Numerous women can experience pre-anaemia if they fail to recognize the signs of iron deficiencies and suffer as a consequence unexplained fatigue which can be blamed on their fast-paced lifestyle. Our bodies renew cells every day so it is important that we have iron and other nutrients, especially B12 and folic acid, to ensure that we are healthy and vital.

Floradix iron tonic is not just an iron tonic but it made with other nutrients such essential B vitamins, iodine and vitamin C that also help ensure healthy blood and energy levels in the body.   In a base of fruit, vegetable and herb juices and concentrates, it is the natural way to give your body easily absorbed nutrients that are gentle on the digestive system.

The demands of child bearing and rearing, as well as being physically active together with factors such as dietary restrictions and choices, can impact a woman’s iron stores. Iron deficiency is a condition that can creep up on you without realizing it.

So as a Naturopath I recommend that women, especially if they have a known history of iron deficiency understand their signs when they need an iron top up. Body signals can be varied from fatigue and weakness, cold hands and feet, poor sleep, poor concentration, hair and nail changes, pale skin, shortness of breath, increasingly susceptible to infections, to the more strange sign of craving ice!

By knowing your body and your history it can help prevent the more acute problem of anaemia.   Women generally need more daily iron due to their physiological make up. But it is always recommended to have a blood test to check your iron levels, especially if you are not sure.

Before taking any supplement, please check the cautions and talk to your health professional if you have any queries. Floradix Iron tonic should not be taken if you have excess iron, (there is a condition called hemochromatosis which is a serious illness) or when taking some medications.

Julie Fergusson – Naturopath