A Little Black Magic

Activated Charcoal often falls in to the natural cosmetics category, but what you may not know about this amazing substance is that it has another incredible ability, which seems to have flown under the radar amongst all the mask peeling and teeth brushing hype.

6 reasons to take our Vita Fizz effervescent tablets

  It is so easy to understand the reason why effervescent tablets are becoming such a popular way to take a supplement. Pop the tablet into water, watch it dissolve and drink! Why we love them: Our range does not contain aspartame, sulphites or artificial colours or flavours. Many people find swallowing tablets or capsules difficult and a chore, especially if they have swallowing problems or psychologically they just can’t get that thing down! Because it has already dissolved and in a liquid it is fast and easily absorbed without the stomach having to break down a tablet or capsule…. Click here to read more

Men and food – blame it on testosterone!

He walks in to the house and the greeting is brief (or just a grunt if you are lucky) as he heads towards the fridge to survey the contents and to see what is good to eat. He always seems to be hungry. Son, brother, husband or lover – men and food, what is it all about? Women generally dictate the diet and nutrition level of her family as it is more likely she plans and shops for it. Typically, most women know more about nutrition than men. When it comes to optimal nutrition, do men have special needs that… Click here to read more

Top tips for a strong immunity – naturally!

  As we approach the autumn and winter months, temperatures drop, nights get longer and winter ills and chills become rife. Fundamentally we know that there are things that can help keep our immune system strong: A healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of Vitamin C, relaxation, hydration, exercise, a warm dry environment, lowered stress levels and a good mental attitude. But there are a few others that we can add to the list:   The Sunshine vitamin Many people are shunning the sun due to fear of melanoma and as a result the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’,… Click here to read more

The Sunshine Vitamin – are you getting enough?

  Most of us are now very aware of the damage the sun can cause and the days of sun baking and sun worship are gone. The nationalised program of “slip, slop, slap, wrap” to cover up with clothing, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses has become a national mantra to protect against sunburn. It is no surprise when New Zealand rates of melanoma are the highest in the world. Shunning the sun has meant many have taken a toll on their health without realising it. This combined with aspects such as an indoor lifestyle, increased age, increased weight, dark pigmented skin… Click here to read more

Garcinia Cambogia – A slimmer’s advantage

“Diet” is a four letter word that most of us shudder at when we realise that we have gained a few extra pounds. The thought of dieting is often connected with feelings of self-deprivation; doing it hard… going hungry, being moody, craving something sweet or naughty and feeling deprived when you can’t have it, but feelings of failure if you succumb to the temptations. All these things can lower your ability to stick to any weight management programme. Those that are steadfast and the most self-controlled of us can stick to a diet and reach our goal weight, but what… Click here to read more