Company History

Red Seal was founded in 1923 when herbalist and naturopath William T Anderton opened a small shop on Symonds Street in Auckland. His objective was to help his clients achieve “a naturally healthy mind and body” with the use of herbal remedies.

His theories were based on the belief that the human body strives involuntarily to correct ill health.  Herbal and natural remedies increased the well-being of the whole body in addition to supporting recovery from a particular ailment.

The products made by Mr Anderton became well known and he began to allow them to be sold in other shops under the name Red Seal.

After the death of William Anderton, his daughter, Jennie Douglas, who had always worked closely with her father, collated all of his formulations and continued to expand the business. Red Seal remained a family owned business until 1983 when it was acquired by Sonata Laboratories.

Sonata owned the business until the mid-1990s when a progressive management buyout was completed, resulting in Rolf and Rosi Hilke taking ownership in 1996. The 1990s were a busy decade with the development of the Toothpaste business and the launch of the first green tea into supermarkets.

After a major brand relaunch with updated packaging and brand support, the business experienced significant growth from 2014 as demand in Asia grew. The tea category was further developed with the introduction of the Hot & Cold fruit teas and in the supplement area Red Seal developed a range of high potency products under the High Strength banner.

In December 2015 the brand was acquired by EBOS Group. EBOS Group is the largest and most diversified Australasian marketer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products. It is also a leading Australasian animal care products marketer and distributor.

The key values of the brand have stayed remarkably consistent over the years –

We know people want to have premium health, to be the best they can be, but the busy lives we lead can sometimes impede our best intentions. We use both science and naturopathic knowledge to provide the range and expertise to help you support and protect your health and well-being. Part of our brand ethos is make the best quality products available at the best price possible, to make good health affordable and accessible. We see Red Seal as being like a helping hand, the support you need to live your best life.