I am currently taking some prescription medication. Can I take St John’s Wort?

Always check with your doctor before you combine St John’s Wort with other prescribed medications as St John’s Wort may affect the way some of these medications work.  Do not combine with or replace anti-depressant medication such MOA inhibitors.  Do not stop taking prescribed medication without medical advice.  ‘Before taking this product please check with your Doctor or Pharmacist if you are taking any prescribed medicines, as St.John?s wort may affect the way they work

St John’s Wort is contraindicated with ANY prescribed or self administered medication, as this herb has the potential to alter the rate at which many drugs are metabolized.  St John’s wort is known to adversely interact with some medications. Taken in combination with other drugs, St John’s wort can boost the effect of the other drug, which then increases the risk of negative reactions. St John’s wort may also impact on the breakdown of other drugs by reducing their concentration levels in the blood and hence their effect.

Contraindications can occur with interactions between St John’s wort and antidepressants, HIV medications, transplant drugs, warfarin (a blood thinning agent),  or Heparin, some heart medications, Ace inhibitors  betaloc anticonvulsants used in the treatment of epilepsy, the contraceptive pill and migraine treatments, medication to control epilepsy. with the asthma medication Theophylline,  Losec, Soloft, metformin, Aropax, Ciprmil, Citaloprom SSRI, Theophylline, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, flupenazine, proton pump inhibitor, Omeprazole, Accupril.