Is Red Seal’s green tea decaffeinated?

Red Seal’s green teas are not decaffeinated. However, green teas are generally a lower caffeine option to coffee, black tea or Coke. The reason why at this stage we do not have a decaffiened tea is that some of the caffeine still remains after this process. Also most decaffeinated processes use solvents such as benzene or ethyal acetate, so we prefer not to have decaffeinated products.

Some caffeine comparisons:   

Double espresso (60 mls) 45-100 mg
Brewed coffee (250 mls) 60-120 mg
Instant coffee (250 mls)   70 mg
Decaf coffee (250 mls)  1-5 mg
Tea – black (250 mls)   45 mg
Tea – green (250mls)  20 mg
Tea – white (250 mls)  15 mg
Coca Cola (350 ml can) 34 mg
Pepsi (350 ml can)  38 mg
Dark chocolate (25 g) 20 mg
Milk chocolate (25 g)  6 mg