Which Red Seal herbal teas are suitable for diabetics?

All Red Seal’s teas are suitable for diabetics. Some teas are a good source of antioxidants such as Green tea or Red Bush tea that will help support the body.   Other teas such as Mi Chai and Red Bush Spice have cinnamon added. This spice is a good spice to help support blood sugar levels and many studies have shown that it is helpful for diabetics.

Other teas such as the Black Adder Liquorice range are naturally sweet and should not affect your blood sugar levels. The sweetness comes from two plant constitutes in the Liquorice and fennel. However, we also suggest that if you do try something new, such as the Black Adder tea, that you should always monitor your blood sugar in case you are the rare exception to the rule. But be aware this tea is not suitable if you have high blood pressure.

Sweet Dreams tea is a tea in our range and has herbs that will help for relaxation and sleep. This tea has the leaf of the herb Stevia added to it which also a slight sweetness and should again be safe for diabetics.

Raspberry Leaf tea, which has a flavour similar to Green tea rather than raspberries, and has been used by herbalists to assist regulating of high blood sugar for many years.

When adding something new or changing something in your diet, it is always best to monitor your blood sugar levels carefully encase this could drop.