Who should take Floradix Iron tonic?

The tasty combination of herbs and fresh fruit juices in Floradix makes it ideally suited for any one with low iron stores.  Floradix Iron is particularly recommended for:

Women  – This sector of the population needs substantial doses of iron due to hormonal changes, growth spurts, monthly blood loss, and overwork.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding consume large amounts of body energy. As a result, women need lots of vitamins – always check with your healthcare provider first.

Vegetarians and people on a diet – Many People who diet can often lack the ingredients necessary by the body, thus causing low iron levels.

Adults – At least one in four adults suffers from anaemia due to low iron stores, which can be caused by the poor quality of the food we consume and the malabsorption of nutritional ingredients, or blood loss. It is therefore vital to receive the iron and vitamins our body needs on a daily basis.

Athletes – Athletes overload their body, thus increasing its need for vitamins in general and iron in particular. Even people that do not engage in physical activity can sometimes require top ups in addition to their dietary intake.