Who should use Red Seal’s toothpaste?

There is a toothpaste in this range suitable for everyone. You may want to try our toothpastes if you:

  • Have chemical sensitivities
  • Are on a cleansing or detoxing diet
  • Get reoccurring mouth ulcers or cold sores
  • Are sensitive to artificial colouring
  • Are looking for a more natural alternative toothpaste
  • Have gum problems
  • Are concerned that your child is consuming coloured toothpaste; Children especially those who are under 7 years old often swallow toothpaste until they learn the voluntary spit reflex.
  • Have been over exposed to fluoride and have dental fluorosis.
  • Want to avoid added fluoride
  • Want to avoid parabens
  • Want to avoid artificial colours
  • Want to avoid Triclosan